Lag Moving Windows Across Monitors in Windows 7 VMWare Virtual Machine

PC, Virtualization

This issue mainly affects Windows 7 machines with multiple displays in a VMWare View/thin client environment. When a user tries to drag a screen to a second monitor, there is a noticeable lag or jitter as the screen moves across monitors. To fix the issue, do the following:

        1. Power off the affected machine (make sure that the machine isn’t set to always power on in VMWare View!).
        2. Activate SSH on the host that the machine is on.
        3. Start a putty session to the host logging in as root.
        4. Change directories to /vmfs/volumes/
        5. Open the .vmx file in a text editor.
        6. At the bottom of the .vmx file, add the line: mks.poll.headlessRates = "1000 100 2"
        7. Save the changes to the .vmx file.
        8. Power the virtual machine back on, close the putty session, and turn SSH back off on the host.

If the steps above work to fix the affected machine’s problem, they can also be performed on the linked clone template. Then, when the machines are recomposed, they will read the new configuration that eliminates the lag. It should be noted, however, that this fix can increase CPU usage on the hosts.

For the KB Article, go here: